Best Drip Coffee Maker Reviews

Our morning is incomplete without meeting our best friend, coffee! It energizes us instantly and helps us to kick-start the day. However, it becomes more rejoicing if someone offers us the coffee rather than going to the kitchen and making it, isn’t it? I being a housewife can understand how difficult it becomes to get up early, make a refreshing beverage along with a healthy breakfast, get the kids ready, and drop them to the school and come back home only to start the boring routine again! So, I thought why not ease the morning and make it more relaxed by purchasing the best drip coffee maker! I believe that a coffee maker should be everyone’s kitchen tool as it will immediately offer you the right brew without complaining or showing any type of mood swings!

Top 10 Best Drip Coffee Maker on the Market 2017 with Reviews

Before I can take you to the various product reviews to help you get your drip coffee maker just like I did, it is important to know the difference between coffee presses and drip coffee makers. Coffee presses are also known as French presses that require no electricity to make the soothing coffee. All you need to do is heat water in a separate kettle and pour it to the French press. It offers absolute control over the temperature of the water and at the same time extracts the essential oils to make the coffee strong.

Drip coffee makers on the other hand heats up the cold water from the reservoir of the coffee maker. It is then dripped onto the coffee grounds which is stored within the filter assembly. This is the specialty of this coffee maker. The end result is the brewed coffee that you would love to sip to keep yourself stimulated throughout the day.

Let’s begin the Best Drip Coffee Makers reviews

I have reviewed some of the best products available online that ranges from as low as $13 and goes up to $250. This will help you select your product according to your need and preferences. I feel that these coffee makers can reduce your daily burden of making several cups of coffee and at the same time offer you the most aromatic and exceptional coffee.

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffee maker

Apart from its extreme style, this is a 650-watt coffee maker that will serve up to 5 cups at a time. So, if you are a family of 5 or less, this product can suit well in your kitchen. If you notice, the filter cone sits inside the decanter that makes it easier to use. If you ever want to wash the water reservoir separately then you may as this coffee maker has a removable water reservoir.

Even if you keep the coffee inside the carafe for few hours, it won’t lose its warmth as it has the automatic keep-warm function. This is an added advantage as you can sip in the coffee anytime you want without heating it again.

The temperature starts with 189 degree Celsius and whooshes up to 201 degrees making your coffee rich, smooth and full-bodied. However, if I had to point out one disadvantage about this product then I would like to say that it has no auto shutoff feature or any program as such. Still this is a recommended product as it suits the budget and offers excellent brew

Hamilton Beach 47950 12-Cup Brew Station Dispensing Drip Coffee maker

Hamilton Beach is one of the well-known brands that you can completely rely on. This coffee maker has been designed smartly with a removable reservoir that means there will be no pouring or spilling issues. If you have this product then one thing is assured; you will get fresh coffee at a time to make you refreshed. All you need to add is water, a paper filter and ground coffee!

As compared to the Zojirushi EC-DAC50, this product has a programmable timer that helps you wake up to sip in the rejuvenating coffee. Also, it has an adjustable auto shutoff which is customizable from 0-4 hours. It is capable of offering multiple cups of coffee and is ideal for any family. Considering its price, this is a worth buying coffee maker that should not be missed.

I want to suggest one thing about this coffee maker. There are number of customers who have complained about the leakage. To avoid any type of leakage it is important to maintain the product at its best. All you need to do is keep the pump mechanism clean. Do this at least once a week and this coffee maker will serve you for a long time!

Kitchen Selectives CM-688 1-Cup Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker, Black

What can be more enthralling than getting a stylish yet a quality coffee maker just below $15! Sounds good isn’t it? This product is perfect for couples or the ones who live alone. This is a single serve coffee maker that has 12 oz. mug included. It has a removable drip tray along with a convenient hinged lid.

This coffee maker does not have an auto shutoff program. You need to pour in the water (room temperature) and filter it with the coffee grounds. Turn on the red switch and you will soon be welcomed by hot, steaming coffee!

The product is small in size and can fit in anywhere (yes, near your bed too!). It is basically portable and works great for long tours. Worried about how hot the coffee will be? It is of the same temperature as you would get at any coffee shop.

This means that it will be real hot. I personally did not find any drawback about this product. It is simple, durable and portable. If you are not willing to spend much on drip coffee maker then this is the product for you. Go for it.

Breville BDC600XL

No doubt that this is a classy product and has some of the best features that most of the coffee makers won’t have. It has about eight superb features that attract customers at once. It has a built-in burr grinder to offer fresh coffee every time you brew. The tank is very easy to fill.

There is a red float that indicates that the tank is full which gets displayed on the LCD screen. There are carafe buttons that allow you to choose the amount of coffee brewed. You will be in charge of adjusting the brew strength. Want good news?

This coffee maker has an auto start program where you can easily program the YouBrew glass to start automatically. A gold foil filter is included in the machine as well.

Heard your door bell ring and you are surprised with a pack of guests? Fret not. This coffee machine can serve up to 12 cups of super espresso. Plus, all the materials that come in contact with the water or the coffee are guaranteed to be BPA free.

You are free to choose the size of the cup according your preference. You may find this product a little expensive, but definitely worth having it.

DeLonghi DC514T 14-Cup Programmable Drip Coffee maker

This is not only a budget friendly product but also offers the right service. It has a compact design and weighs less than 9 pounds. If you have wished for some of the best features at a good price then this coffee machine has it all. It has a durable gold tone filter and ensures long-lasting use.

Surprisingly, this machine has a freshness indicator that will only allow you to have fresh coffee at any time of the day. It has convenient pause and serve function where you can have your type of desired coffee! I would also like to say that it has a 24 hour programmable timer along with an auto clean function. Want your coffee mug to be warm before you pour in the coffee?

Well, this machine has a storage tray on the top that keeps your coffee cup warm. Isn’t this a cool feature?

Operating this coffee maker is pretty easy. However, I want to point out one drawback of this machine. As you know that it is made up of plastic material, it might heat up soon and make the plastic really hot.

I would suggest using this machine with a time interval as this will let it cool and will not cause much damage to the product. I will recommend this product to everyone whose best friend is coffee!

Capresso 424.01 12-Cup Drip Coffee maker

This coffee machine comes with an edgy style that offers you an aromatic espresso in less than 10 minutes. The glass carafe comes with an ergonomic handle and has a dip free pouring spout. It has a gold tone filter which is easy to use. You may also replace it with the paper filter if you want.

It also has a 24 hour programmable timer with easy to read LCD display. The coffee maker is made up of stainless steel and avoids any type of excessive heating up of the materials unlike the ones made of plastic. Serving up to 12 cups, this machine is appropriate for every household.

I am recommending this product to all because it is extremely pocket friendly and has the right features to stimulate you every morning with a hot cuppa.

Most of the customers have said that this coffee maker offers flavorful and hot coffee with no aftertaste. They have also said that they would purchase it again. Don’t forget to grab this product till the stocks last.

DeLonghi Kmix 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, White

With a professional touch, this coffee maker delivers great tasting coffee. This product looks simple, classy and at the same time offers 5 cups of coffee to your family. Weighing only 4.8 pounds, this machine becomes portable and is great for long trips. It has a 2 hour automatic shut-off program that does not bother you to switch off manually and ensures that you save on your electricity bill.

Don’t like the color white? Well, you will this machine in varieties of colors like yellow, blue, magenta, black, red, green and orange. Select your favorite color and start making the perfect espresso you have always wished.

This is simple coffee maker that strives to make your morning energetic. Washing this product is absolutely an easy task. I would suggest you to run at least 4 cups of vinegar through the machine to keep it clean.

I would recommend you to invest on this coffee maker to make your task real easy. Go for it and you will never repent.

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control, Silver Drip Coffee Maker

This excellent coffee maker can make up to 12 cups of coffee and comes with 9 different individual cup size. Offering a smooth espresso with the right flavor is no more difficult. All you need is this product to make your taste buds happy.

This machine has 7 adjustable strength and 5 adjustable flavor settings in single cup mode. This ensures that every individual gets their own desired coffee. It heats the water to optimum temperature and brews right amount of coffee with right amount of water.

The stainless steel hot water tank keeps the water heated. It has an LCD display that informs you the phase of the brewing cycle, shows the amount of water in the tank and also notifies you if the machine needs to be cleaned!

It has an auto start program that can automatically start brewing the coffee in the morning. It also has a built-in warming plate that keeps the carafe warm even after brewing.

Considering the price of BDC550XL, this is a durable one and will go a long way. I will definitely recommend this product.

DeLonghi DCF2210TTC 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Drip Coffee Maker, Black

This coffee maker is smartly designed to offer you maximum comfort while making the coffee. It has a unique front access design. All you need to do is pull the handle located at the front of the machine to get an easy access to the water and coffee filter.

You will be happy to know that there is an aroma button to enhance the flavor of your coffee! Also, it has a 24-hour programmable digital timer. The pause and serve function gives you the freedom to sip in your desired coffee even before the pot is finished brewing.

Set your favorite program and wake up to get that fresh, aromatic coffee. This machine comes with a durable and long lasting permanent gold-tone filter. The filter helps in keeping away even the finest grounds out of the coffee.

The machine has a double wall carafe that keeps the coffee hot for several hours. It can make up to 10 cups and thus, you don’t have to bother yourself to make the coffee several times a day.

The storage tray keeps the cups warm before use. Even after having so many features there are certain things that should be noted. It becomes time consuming when you brew the coffee and also, there is a possibility of leakage.

DeLonghi BC0330T Combination Drip Coffee and Espresso Machine

So, this looks like a professional machine, isn’t it? Well, this is indeed a professional coffee maker that mixes air, milk and steam to offer rich, creamy froth for a great tasting cappuccino. It has a permanent long-lasting gold tone filter to segregate even the finest coffee particles.

This machine has a water level indicator and 24-hour programmable timer that can be set to brew even before you wake up. The pot can keep the coffee warm up to 12 hours which means you don’t have to make repeat the coffee making procedure! It also has a convenient pause and serve function.

Keep this machine clean whenever possible. This will not only keep it maintained but also prevent any type of glitches. Some may find this product expensive, but it serves what it says. This is an all-in-one espresso, cappuccino and drip coffee maker! Go for it.

How to choose a best drip coffee maker?

To have a fresh start every morning, it is important to take certain considerations while choosing the best coffee maker.

Size of the product : Size definitely matters as this will decide the amount of coffee you want on a daily basis. If you have a habit of sipping coffee all throughout the day, then go for larger machines that have high brewing cycles. While most of the machines are user-friendly, go for the LED interface. It allows you to control the brewing process. Also, go for the ones that eliminate the hassles from cleaning spills and measuring coffee cups. To satisfy only your thirst, it is best to go for the single serve machine as it will also help you save a good amount of dollars too!

Advanced features : Different coffee maker comes with different features and designs. Know what you want or just jot it down on a piece of paper. Are you looking for an elegant design? Do you want to invest on programmable features? The moment you know what is more convenient to you; it becomes easier to purchase the right coffee maker. Features like 24-hour program, front access, pause and serve mechanism, auto on/off and a good quality carafe can bring a difference to the coffee. Remember that more feature amounts to more money. Thus, take your decision wisely and don’t be in a hurry.

How hot do you want ?This is something important to consider. Many machines fail to offer perfectly brewing hot coffee and you end up heating it again. Go for a good product that will not only serve an aromatic espresso, but also keep it hot for long hours. For all the busy office professionals, there are coffee makers available that provides a well-steamy coffee to keep you occupied for hours. Some machines come with its own coffee mug designed to keep it hot after it is brewed. Choose the machine accordingly after a proper research.Please read the guide thing to consider choosing a drip coffee maker for better understand


Energy is what you need after a hectic day! Selecting the best product might be a little confusing as there are innumerable products available online. To eliminate your confusion, you can always take the help of the reviews I have done above. These products are ruling the market now and are purchased by several customers. The comparison table too helps to judge the right product for you.
Do a proper research to get the ultimate drip coffee maker of your choice. Start brewing your favorite latte and give a fresh start to your day!

Cathy Harrison